Arrants’s industry-specific approach towards HR transformation—powered by Workday’s HRIS—provides a digital, integrated and powerful platform to help organizations streamline and improve their employee experience.


1Strategic CostsHR capabilities, resources and expenditure are aligned with business goals thereby driving growth

2Real time insightsProvides continuous relevant and actionable information to derive insights and improve business performance

3Talent evaluationLets businesses address skills gap by evaluating talent pool both internally and externally

4Optimum Business StructureHelps businesses to efficiently manage their HR processes with optimum structure, roles and delivery model

5Streamlined ProcessDesign standardized processes that yield substantial results, along with the governance mechanisms needed to sustain them over time

6Digital HRAutomates engagement and provides insights to attract and retain top talent while increasing productivity

7Mobile-FriendlyYou have secure access to information through browsers on mobile devices.